Pousada Coqueiros
Alameda dos Flamboyants, 55
Arraial d' Ajuda, Bahia, 45816-000, Brasil
+55 733575-1229 / 3575-1373
55 733575-1372
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Welcome to Pousada Coqueiros!

What do you think about when it comes to 30 years old? A nice wine? Maturity? Crisis? In a marriage, the 30th anniversary represents serenity and honesty in love. The relationship has its own glow. It is like a wedding that Christiane Abreu considers Pousada Coqueiros 30 year’s development. In this long lasting relationship, the entrepreneur saw the little structure grow up, becoming the solid and strong foundation that it is nowadays. In the 80´s, a young couple ran away from the big city of São Paulo to build a small inn. With a new born girl in their arms, they started a small inn with only six apartments. Soon Pousada Coqueiros started hosting its first guests. Friends and family were always around, which turned the place into a homelike facility. At Pousada Coqueiros, strangers fell in love, couples celebrated their honeymoons, different families became close friends. If you are reading this text now, it means you already are part of this story. And here is our ´thank you´ for choosing us to share the best moments of your life.

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