Pousada Coqueiros
Alameda dos Flamboyants, 55
Arraial d' Ajuda, Bahia, 45816-000, Brasil
+55 733575-1229 / 3575-1373 / 733575-1372

Arraial D'Ajuda - Surroundings

  • Igreja Sul da Bahia
  • Arraial Aérea
  • Bahia
  • Bahia
  • Arraial D
  • Taípe - Rio da Barra
  • Quadrado Trancoso
  • Praia Sul da Bahia
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  • Arraial D

Arraial d’Ajuda, which until today cultivates its beauty and architectural history, was developed around a small church, built in 1551. Colorful houses decorate the village, providing a joyful atmosphere, with shops, galleries and cafes. At night one can enjoy bars with live music, local restaurants and sophisticated cuisine, charming galleries and clubs. In the highest part remains the old church, telling the village story and offering one of the most beautiful views of its blue sea.

When walking along the beach you can enjoy different landscapes with its beautiful cliffs. By the white sands of Arraial, tents of bars and local restaurants agitate the afternoon with great music and entertainment - local and international - that attract all ages.

Forward on the cliffs, the condo Terravista offers its golf course with 18 holes for a round overlooking the sea.

In the city of Trancoso, the small candlelit square illuminates the designer shops and charming restaurants.

Towards the south, Praia do Espelho, the beach with crystal clear natural pools, provides excellent snorkeling.

Formed at the intersection of the river with the sea, the village of Caraíva is characterized by an indescribable natural beauty. Strolling through the streets of sand you can still find Indians residing there. The afternoon by the river provides a view of a gorgeous sunset in the cozy bar.

It is not by coincidence that the region is known as the land of discovery, listed as one of the world’s natural heritage sites by UNESCO in 1999.